The Right Way and the Hard Way are the Same

We are ALMOST finished with the garden. At last count, we planted 28 pepper plants, six onions, and the rosemary. All that is left now are the potatoes.

The black raspberries are coming in thicker than ever. I fed some frozen ones to the girls as a treat since it was so hot and they loved them. Since it’s their last days here, I figure I’ll make it special.

We are still hoping for a way around this nightmare. Since we had seen and heard of so many other people keeping chickens in town, we thought things had changed. We were wrong. We should have checked. I take full responsibility for that.

Tonight, we are scheduled to meet with the Commissioner of Sustainability from the City of Elgin. She has offered to help us in any way she can. Hopefully, she can give us advice on how to approach this. I considered registering them as emotional support animals since they have helped so much with the anxiety issues I have, but decided against it. We are going to follow the rules and then try to change them. Right is right.

We have talked to more people in the neighborhood who have said they will sign a petition, if needed. I have lived here for 38 years and would like to stay. Hopefully, that holds some weight, too. We aren’t looking to shake things up and head out. Our roots run deep here. We think allowing backyard chickens would be an asset to the community. Keep praying for us.



One thought on “The Right Way and the Hard Way are the Same

  1. Hi Jennifer, Please contact me as I would like to give your story some attention on my blog. I am interested in the process of the process of changing the laws if you want to do it the right way. My Father would like me to help in any way I can. When God is with you, who can be against you? Take heart, you will have trouble in the world, but He has overcome the world! Keep me posted. Let’s shout on the net about freedom! Blessings Anne-Marie (Dash)

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