The Great Gravy Debacle or How to Make a GIANT Mess in the Kitchen

Sometimes on the homestead, we do things we know we shouldn’t and we pay the price. For example, I had thrown some chicken in the Crock Pot with some broth and was going to use the broth for gravy since I was making mashed potatoes to go with it (and green beans from the garden and homemade Italian bread).
I reserved 1/2 a cup of broth to use with 1/4 cup flour for thickening. I put the broth in the fridge to cool it a bit, so when I added the flour and shook it up, it didn’t explode all over. Well, I heard my husband pull in the driveway and I started rushing because traffic had been extra heavy resulting in a 2 hour commute and he was starving. Big mistake.
The broth was still too warm resulting in the feared explosion that hit me in the eye (good thing I wear glasses), my face, ears, hair, shirt, pots and pans hanging on the soffit, utensils in the mini-Lazy Susan, windows, walls, etc.
Homestead hubby walks in from the garage into the laundry room to hear me say, “You probably don’t want to come in here right now.” No one was hurt except maybe the wooden loon on the windowsill.
The evening continued on that way as I did the dishes. I kept splashing and spilling water all over the place. My shirt was soaked. The floor was soaked. I was flustered and decided to give up for a while and go outside and play in the garden again.
The hubby came out a short time later. I think he likes to laugh at me while I talk to the plants. Especially, when I see a teeny tiny pepper growing. It’s like talking to a baby. You have to use that high-pitched voice, “Oh my goodness, honey! Look at this baby! Isn’t it adorable? It’s so tiny!” He just nods and smiles. I’m sure he has the funny farm on speed dial “just in case”.
In spite of the gravy debacle, dinner was delicious. My husband was full and happy and fell asleep in his favorite chair watching yet another car restoration show. Life is messy but good on this wannabe homestead.


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