Monday, You Poor Thing

As usual, social media is abuzz with anti-Monday memes. I used to be part of that Monday-Haters Club. It was just what one “did”. I mean, everyone hates Monday, so why shouldn’t I? After a series of losses, my beloved Grammy, my job, my husband’s job, I realized why I had to leave that club: it kept me in a rut.

Ask me what I would do for another day with my Grammy. I would live a lifetime of Mondays just to see her again. A lifetime of Mondays to be able to call her up and hear her answer the phone, “Andrist,” which was short for Andrist Masonry, the business she ran with Grampy. A lifetime of Mondays to kiss her cheek and tell her how much I love her.

While so many people hate Monday because it means a return to work, I am thankful for my off-the-homestead job which is far from steady. Some weeks I have no Monday. Just seven days of no work. No work = no paycheck. Now that school is starting, I will have work in my second year as a substitute teacher.

I know it has become socially acceptable to despise Monday, but we can change that. We can become grateful. Grateful for another day on earth. Grateful for another opportunity to say “I love you.” Grateful for another chance. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful.

So, Monday-Haters Club, again I decline membership. I’ve already renewed my membership in the Grateful for Every Day Club. You are more than welcome to join. It’s free.



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