Patience and Faith

It’s been a rough summer here on the wannabe homestead. We started with so much rain I thought we would float away. The ground was so saturated that a tree completely uprooted and fell on the house. We are still dealing with the insurance company to get it repaired.

The garden has been less than productive with the exception of the green beans. There have been so many blossoms on the cucumbers, peppers, and tomatoes but they were falling off because they were rotten due to too much rain.

Then, yesterday I did my usual check and there it was! Do you see it? We have a cucumber! When I went to show my husband after he got home from work, we found another!

As I continued my rounds, here is what I found:

I was clapping my hands like a child! There are finally cayenne and Anaheim chili peppers! We have several more tomatoes! I was, and still am, giddy!

My friends laugh at me when I get like this. It’s hard for them to understand the sheer ecstasy I feel watching the garden grow from seed to food. That’s okay. This life is not for everyone.

As I get ready to head out to the garden for my morning rounds, I remember the importance of patience and faith.

A week ago, I was considering tearing it all out and turning it under. I was ready to accept the failure, but something in my heart told me to be patient and have faith. I was rewarded and am so thankful.

So, the next time you feel like giving up and accepting failure, be patient and have faith. You just might be surprised.


2 thoughts on “Patience and Faith

  1. Love this! How true it is that sometimes we get impatient and lose faith, giving up on something, perhaps when we were almost there! Great job, and I wish you continued success both literally and figuratively in your garden …! 😉

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