Making Time

Things have been pretty quiet around here lately. The hubby was working a 6pm-6am shift for the last three days, so I felt a little like a fish out of water. He worked nights for at least 10 of the 17 years of our relationship, and they were very hard on us. It’s funny how old routines come back so quickly in cases like this. There was some good that came from it, though.

I stopped by my folks’ house around 7:00 Saturday evening to borrow book from my mom. I left around 10:30. Whoops! That was a much longer visit than I had anticipated, but it was wonderful. We talked about family and politics and managed to laugh the entire time. We still met for coffee on Sunday like usual, and still had so much to talk about.

Those who know me well know that I am extremely close to my parents. I could spend every day with them and not get sick of it. I am very family oriented and have passed that trait along to my son. Like most kids, I (and he) strayed a little bit but never too far. The morals and values they instilled in me growing up are still deeply rooted and have begun to flourish again after being dormant for some time. I haven’t felt this good in years.

On Monday night after having Auntie Day, I went to have dinner at the home of my husband’s middle daughter, our son-in-law, and our grandkids. My son and his girlfriend were already there when I arrived. My husband’s oldest daughter came a short time later. It was absolutely awesome. We all sat around their dining room table with a huge spread of food, said grace, talked and laughed, and just enjoyed each other’s company. We told stories of when my son was little and Tina was the only person who could get him to eat his dinner. I would have to leave the house and tell him I was going to get ice cream and he couldn’t have any until he ate. I always got the call that he had cleared his plate. I think it was all a scam to get Dairy Queen.

After dinner, I watched our son-in-law build a treasure chest out of scrap wood for our oldest grandson and his friend. Our son-in-law is truly a gift. He is so good to Tina and Nick (her son from her first marriage), and he is an amazing father to their three children together as well.

My hubby’s oldest is pregnant with her first child and it has been so beautiful watching this whole process. Tami is going to be an incredible mommy and I can’t wait to hold grandbaby #5 and kiss her sweet angel cheeks.

We ended the night at 9:15. My heart and my belly were full. I look forward to more nights like that in the future. Our grandkids are a never-ending source of laughter and silliness, as children are wont to be. The conversation is always good.

When my husband was working nights, there wasn’t much of a social life. He was either working or too tired to go anywhere, so we got in the habit of staying home. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, but it has made us pretty reclusive. We need to spend more time with the people who are most important to us: family and friends. That was my mission for this year: cultivate relationships. We haven’t been very diligent in that. haven’t been very diligent in that. That has to change.


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