Big Things are Happening Here!

Big news on the homestead this morning! We have our first blossoming cucumber plant! I noticed some unopened flowers on several plants yesterday but was till surprised when I found this (excuse the lack of focus):


I am absolutely giddy. I also saw tons of open flowers on the mystery pepper plants, too. It’s mid-July, so I’m a bit concerned that there won’t be enough time left in our growing season for them to completely grow and ripen, but what will be will be.

Another big happening is I received an email this morning from Shane over at The Floyd Family Homestead. I participated in my very first blog hop this past Monday and he was writing to notify me that I will be the Featured Author on next Monday’s blog hop! I am still in shock. I cannot thank Shane enough for featuring homesteading authors like this. For someone like me who is really just getting started even though I’ve been at it in some form or other for over five years now, this is an honor. I feel like the little puppy who has been given the opportunity to hang with the big dogs. It is a humbling experience.

I am learning so much since making the commitment to move forward with my homesteading goals. I’ve been following folks like Appalachia’s Homestead, Our Leap of Faith Homestead, and The Fewell Homestead, and Joybilee Farm, just to name a few. I’m finding more awesome resources all of the time. The folks here are always inspirational and willing to give advice and tips. Given the fact that I have yet to find others like me in the northwest suburbs of Illinois, their help is much appreciated.

This is all just further proof that I am exactly where I was always meant to be, and I could not be happier with the progress we are making.


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