Family and the Homestead

Today was Auntie Day, so there wasn’t much going on at the homestead. Auntie Day is my once a week visit to my sister, nephew (almost 4), and niece (recently turned 2).  It always lifts my spirits.

My nephew is fascinated with all things outer space, so when I saw this shirt at Farm & Fleet, I had to have it. It says “Shoot for the Stars”. He is my love. 

When he was littler, I would ask him “Are you my love.” He would look at me and say, “Wuv!” I asked him today, “Are you still my love?” With arms around my neck he replied, “Yes, Auntie!” My heart is still full.

My niece, affectionately called Sweet P, is my down and dirty girl. She loves all things outdoors and messy (sometimes a little too much.) She will be my homestead helper, I’m sure. Well, her momma says only as long as I clean her up before bringing her home. I say half the fun is explaining all the stains at the end of the day! 

P’s shirt says “Dirt Makes Me Cuter”. I’m not sure how she could get any cuter, but it fits.  

 I know this post might not exactly be homesteading related, but I think it is. Family is an important part of any homestead and my family really is the center of my universe. After all, if you don’t have family, you don’t have anything. 

I can’t wait for the days my nephew, niece, and grandkids can come and help feed the chickens (if they want), collect eggs, and harvest food from the garden. Those are memories I hope they will cherish forever.


2 thoughts on “Family and the Homestead

    • I can’t wait for those days! Our grandkids love to come and pick the black raspberries when they are ready. They were just here picking last weekend. Our second-youngest grandson is still too little to know what is not yet ripened, but he will be ready for next year. Our oldest grandson knows and is ready each year now. I can’t wait until all the babies are ready to pick with us!

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