Making Room

I don’t usually write on Sunday, but I couldn’t resist. Yesterday was quite the busy day on the homestead. Around 10am, the homestead hubby proclaimed, “Let’s go outside.” We had already been out to the garden once, I with my trusty cup for collecting berries and he with his faithful tennis racket for swatting mosquitoes. I was feeling lazy but acquiesced.

I am glad we did because there ended up being many “firsts” for me:


first time using a chainsaw and pruning saw

Log splitter

and first time using a log splitter.

The chainsaw was battery-powered, but I was good with that. It’s better to learn safely and come away with all limbs and digits than to dive in unprepared. I cut down a couple of trees (more like twigs, but it was better than nothing) and leveled a small stump, which is much more difficult than I thought. I pruned some dead branches and helped split and re-stack an old log pile so it will hopefully dry out for burning.

It’s bittersweet, though. I always loved our backyard. It reminded me of home.


At the same time, I’m so excited to see my dreams progressing.

Chicken clearing

Next year, that spot will be filled with a coop, hand-built by my awesome husband, and several beautiful chickens. I’m sure the grandkids don’t mind sharing their space!


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