A Slow Day on the Homestead

The homestead hubby and I worked our off-homestead job last night and didn’t make it home until about 12:15am. Hubby had to be up for another off-site job at 5am, and despite waking up twice in that short span, I was up and making our coffee at that same time like I do every day.

I think this kind of schedule is getting us ready for a more immersed homestead life. No rest for the weary, right? Not when there are chores to be done!

Needless to say, we have been dragging. He’s currently asleep in his favorite chair and I’ve been out to the garden for the second time. 

Things seem to finally be coming along. I’ve been getting garden envy reading about everyone’s wonderful harvests, but it seems like we might actually get a little something aside from green beans in spite of the rain and cool weather. 

We finally seem to have some hot peppers and green peppers growing! 

We also have tomatoes! 

Sadly, only one of the six plants have flowered, so I will likely have to hit up a farmer’s market to get enough tomatoes to can this year. While it’s frustrating that I won’t have enough of a harvest here, I have no qualms about supporting local farms.

It’s only the beginning of July, so all hope is not lost. It comes with the territory. We will learn from this and take the necessary measures to make next year more of a success. 

No matter what happens, we are blessed on this wannabe homestead!


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