Sunday Morning Updates

There’s just something about getting out in the garden early and getting my hands dirty that boosts my soul. For the past few weeks, my visits have been more like drive-bys because lingering for any length of time would end up with me becoming breakfast for the mosquitoes. The homestead hubby comes out with me brandishing his trusty tennis racket, which helps tremendously.

Yesterday, we blanched the first green bean harvest and placed them in the freezer for canning once this growing season is over. I’m going to plant more seeds tomorrow with the hope that we will end up with enough to allow us to not have to buy any at the store next year. That will be no small feat since we eat green beans almost every day around here.


The cucumbers are also chugging along. I saw the little tendril poking out of three in the morning and by the afternoon, one had found the support cage and wrapped around it. The others are getting close.


We have lost a lot of pepper blossoms, likely due to all of the rain. They simply turn brown and fall off. I’m seeing some success, though. Lots of white flowers and even the start of a pepper.

There is still only one tomato plant with blossoms, two of which have turned into tomatoes. It’s looking to be a lean harvest on that end, which could mean having to buy a bushel at best, or no canning tomato sauce this year at worst.

The berries are still ripening and giving us about a pint a day/every other day. I have left several for the grandkids to pick when they come over today. Our oldest grandson loves them and our granddaughter finally ate them last year. Our third grandchild is finally old enough to pick his own, so we will see how he likes them. I love being able to share the homestead harvest with them. It is something I hope they will always remember. Some of my fondest memories are of picking berries with my grandma, my mom, and my aunt along the road back home.

This is going to be a busy week on the homestead. I have a lot of blog post ideas swirling in my head and lots of off-homestead work to do. I am grateful to live the life I do and love the life I live. I am lucky to have the homestead husband who supports my dreams and goals no matter how “out there” they might be. He just takes it all in stride and even comes up with some pretty awesome ideas to accomplish them. When asked why he does it, he replies, “because I love to see you happy.”

Now, it is time to make our breakfast and get ready to watch the parade with all of the kids and grandkids. Life is truly, blissfully happy on this wannabe homestead.


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