This Could Get Ugly

We went to a bonfire last night with some agents from the company where my husband is a Realtor. I have met this woman and her husband before and they are absolutely wonderful people. They live in a lovely rural town about thirty minutes from us. Did I mention they have chickens (and ducks)? Well, they do: six hens and three ducks. The ducks are beautiful, but I was not as impressed by them as I thought I would be. The chickens were a different story.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I were talking about my concerns over adding chickens to our homestead. I have wanted them for several years but was concerned that we would get them and I would find that I didn’t like them at all. He mentioned this bonfire and we decided that would be a good opportunity to confront my fear.

Chickens 1

I think my concerns were unwarranted. What do you think?

Chickens 2

Initially, I said I wanted two hens. Then, I wanted three. Now, I want six. Homestead hubby said three. I said six. He said zero. I said six. This went back and forth for several minutes. There were threats of “Then, I’m not building the coop.” I just giggled and said, “I’ve heard that one before.” Anyway, the battle rages. It could get ugly.


4 thoughts on “This Could Get Ugly

  1. If you start out with 6, it will probably narrow down to 4 or 5… sometimes things happen. A varmint such as a weasel can get into a tiny hole … if their yard isn’t covered, a hawk can fly in, or one can fly out… I say grow spurs on you heels and dig in!

    • Our philosophy is “it’s easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission.”
      I asked about seven years ago and they said we needed to have at least ten acres for two hens. That’s absurd. We have measures in place if there are problems. Currently, all neighbors are on board. They have been pushing us for the past several years to finally do it! 🙂

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