Only Human

A few weeks ago, I shared that I was limiting my online time to once a day. I have to confess that, in the past several days, I have broken that rule. A lot. 

While I haven’t been online nearly as much as I used to be, it has been too much. I am becoming increasingly irritable (although that could be PMS-related), and if I can sense it, I’m sure my friends and family can, too.

Today, I am renewing my commitment. I will only log on once a day. This will be tremendously difficult since I just launched this blog and the Facebook page and things are going well. I really feel like this is the direction I am meant to head, however, I’m sure my followers will understand my slow responses.

Now, it is past time to go and check on the garden (black raspberries are ripening every day now). I also need to get started on the strawberry jam and keep reading the new book Almost Amish: One Woman’s Quest for a Slower, Simpler, More Sustainable Life.


2 thoughts on “Only Human

  1. Hello again, from Manjimup in South Western Australia. A blog is a fantastic idea. Like I said last time, there’s a book inside you, itching to get out. You have a talent for this. We’re having our first frosts here which is great as it’s brought all my garlic up, yay! Take care and keep smiling 😊

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