Life is Good (and GREEN!) on the Rasmussen Homestead

It occurred to me that I have never shared our little garden. It’s nothing fancy, but it sure makes me feel like a million bucks every time I go out to look at it. I planted eight cucumber seeds and only three sprouted, so I planted five more. The onions seem to be growing nicely. I cannot wait for them to be ready. I’m pretty sure I will cry the day I chop an onion I grew myself (and not for the usual reason)!

Cucumbers onions 6-13-15

I planted thirty green bean plants from seed and only about 15 sprouted, so I planted more.

Green Beans from Seed 6-13-15

The little fella in the lower left hand corner was attacked by a critter, and I didn’t think he was gonna make it, but he surprised me and has new leaf growth. I’m ecstatic! The center row is green beans we bought as plants and the right two rows are Anaheim peppers and the mystery peppers. Most of them have buds, two have flowers about to open. It won’t be long now!

Peppers and Beans 6-13-15

The garden on the south side of the house is moving right along, as well. The hot peppers, green peppers, and red peppers have buds and one flower is fully opened.

Red and Green Peppers 6-13-15 Hot peppers 6-13-15

The tomatoes are getting big but still have no buds/blossoms. I am pinching off the suckers as they crop up and even pinched off some of the very bottom branches that tend to get stuck in the dirt after it rains.

Tomatoes 6-13-15

I love all of my garden plants, but my pride and joy is the black raspberries. They were among the first things I ever planted (the other was a blueberry bush that didn’t make it). These babies grew into this monstrosity from just two canes in about six years. If my husband would let me, I’d let them take over everything. (And, believe me, they try!) I love them. He loves them. Our grandkids love them. We all want more of them.

More Raspberries 6-13-15 Raspberries 6-13-15

We plan to start directing them over into this open space and cutting them back on the end closest to the tomato plants to give me more space for ‘maters and peppers.

Future Raspberries 6-13-15

Don’t tell my husband, but I’m hoping they take over the bushes in front of the house. Wouldn’t that be lovely? We would be able to sit on the porch and pick berries while watching the world go by. Sometimes, I sit on the rocking bench and imagine I’m on my farm in the country. I block out the houses across the street and visualize an open field like Grampy has Up North. Some day, I want to watch a storm rolling in across the field. That day will come, but not for a while yet. Until then, I will be content here in our suburban home with my little garden (and soon, chickens) that I continue to think of ways to expand. Life is green on the Rasmussen Homestead!


2 thoughts on “Life is Good (and GREEN!) on the Rasmussen Homestead

  1. Love it!!!! My gardens doing awesome too!! Lets swap berries, I’m gonna be swimming in the sweetest reddest strawberries ever!!!

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