Homestead Updates

It’s been nearly two weeks since I limited social media time to once a day. I log on in the morning for a little while and then I’m done until the next day. I removed the Facebook app from my phone (I still have Messenger so I can chat when I have time). I got rid of Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga. It is getting easier, but I’m still dealing with withdrawals. Currently, the dominant emotion is depression and a feeling of being lost. These feelings tell me that I made the right decision. Anything that can consume that much of my life and leave me feeling like an addict going through DTs is not healthy.

In the morning, I have my coffee, check Facebook, and then head out to the gardens. The tomatoes and peppers on the south side of the house are growing nicely. The raspberries (as usual) are out of control. Yesterday, I counted 13 new canes. We talked about letting them take over a semi-circular section and clearing out half of them in the fall. There won’t be any plant loss, just relocation a little west of where they are now. This will give me almost the entire south side of the house for tomatoes and peppers. I can’t deny that this idea gets me more than just a little excited.

There has been increasing talk of chickens and where they will go. There’s a little concern (on my part) that we will get them and I will decide that I don’t like them at all (which I doubt very much). To check this theory, we will be attending a bonfire at the home of a friend of my husband who raises chickens. Again, I’m beyond excited.

Things are going well with just a few bumps here and there, which is to be expected. Any time you make changes, you will face difficulties. Change isn’t easy, but if you want it bad enough, you will stick it out. And, on that note, I’m off to have one last cup of coffee, check on the garden, and then go visit my sister and her babies.


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