Good night a-livin’! I am up to my eyeballs in homework, housework, and out-of-the-home work. Wanna know how much of it I have got done? Yep, you guessed it: not much.

See, I’m a horrible procrastinator. If it is something I don’t wanna do, I will find a gazillion other things to do instead. My body even sabotages me. I become extremely exhausted and/or I get migraines that feel like the entire left side of my face is going to collapse and explode at the same time. My left nostril closes up and I think, “Dang it! I’m getting sick!” Then, my husband says “Nope, it’s psychosomatic. You just don’t want to do your homework.” Then I secretly curse him for being right. Again.

My assignments are all due Sunday evening and I’ve done two of them. That is two out of about 30 (when you include discussion board postings and responses). I decide that we need bread. Or cookies. Or cake. Or I remember that we are out of ketchup and I just HAVE to have it NOW. I mean, what if I want a French fries at 11pm? Who can eat fries without ketchup? That is a CRIME. Communist even!

What was that? Did you just ask me if my homework is done yet? Of course not, silly! Why do you think I’m writing this? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I better get back to it before The Teacher aka my husband catches me and I’m in trouble again. Which reminds me, I have to do some laundry…


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